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Lemmons, Kristin

Mrs. Kristin Lemmons

English IV, AP English Literature, Sr. ICAP/Internship

Grades:  Check your grades on Wengage  April 6th. If you are happy with your grade, you do not need to worry about doing any more work.  That grade will be your final grade.  However, please shoot me a brief email to let me know how you are doing and verify you are satisfied with your current grade. 

If you are NOT happy with your current grade and would like the opportunity to raise your grade, please email me at and I will contact you with some distance learning opportunities.  I will also leave customized packets of work in the lobby at the high school if you would rather pick up work. Once you request the work, I will let you know when it is ready to be picked up.

AP Students:  You will take your AP English Literature Exam online at home!!  In preparation for testing, check out the AP English Literature lessons (they are awesome) available on Youtube as well as the other helpful resources and info here:

Scholarships:  Check the school website on the main page for new scholarship opportunities or contact Mrs. Hicks at  Look for Lions Club Scholarship, RL Dodson Scholarship, Simon Parker Memorial Scholarship, and D.R. and Isla Miller Hugo Foundation Scholarship apps.

Senior Transition Info:  Please check your email, both school and personal, for info about college/career updates, FAFSA info, and other important information concerning future events.  Keep in touch with your college/military representatives—they are still available.  Contact Mrs. Hicks if you need ACT scores or transcripts sent to colleges or if you have questions.

Graduation:  I wish I knew what to tell you.  Will it be postponed or cancelled?  We just don’t know at this point, but we will post updates on our website as they become available.  What I do know is that we will be working on a way to honor you if a traditional ceremony is not possible.  I know some of you are wondering whether you should go ahead and order cap/gown units or tassels, and I just don’t know.  Those of you who still want to order the cap/gown unit or just a tassel can do so by going to  I will be able to order tassels only for the students who paid before Spring Break. 

In this uncertain time, know that I love you and miss you, and I’m still here for you if you need me!!  Please continue to check your email and the school website for important updates.

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