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High School Dress Code

Dress Code for School and School Sponsored Activities

To maintain a setting that is most conducive to the educational process, it is necessary to establish minimum standards for dress.  Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for school and school activities. If you arrive to school or school activity inappropriately dressed, you will be assigned ISP.  If you are unsure about your attire do not wear it. Documented medical conditions and religious beliefs may require exceptions to the dress code.  In order to obtain exceptions, students must contact the building principal.  Alerts will be added to student records for all exceptions. 

  • Clothing that directly or indirectly pictures, names, mentions, or insinuates alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, profanity, gang symbols, or any inappropriate expressions may not be worn.
  • No sunglasses may be worn inside the school buildings.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No house shoes or slippers allowed.
  • Undergarments, blankets, and pajamas may not be worn as outer clothing.
  • Shirts must have a neckline and sleeves.  Inappropriate cleavage is not to be showing.
  • No see-through clothing may be worn.
  • Leggings, jeggings, and spandex may only be worn as undergarments. 
  • Shirts must cover the top of a student’s pants, so the bare midriff does not show regardless of arm position.
  • Shorts, skirts, dresses, and garments worn over leggings, jeggings, and spandex must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.  
  • Holes in jeans and pants must also comply with 3” rule.    
  • Sagging is not allowed.
  • Accessories such as chains and spiked necklaces that may be used as weapons may not be worn.
  • All school uniforms must comply with the dress code during the school day
  • Any other items, not specifically listed that is deemed not to be school appropriate, are subject to this policy.


Violation of this policy will immediately result in ISP. ISP refusal will result in out of school suspension.