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About HHS Student Council

Hugo High School Student Council


The Student Council, frequently referred to as StuCo, is a student leadership organization that hosts various school related events, and engages in projects around the school to raise awareness.



The Hugo High School Student Council is a student-led organization for responsible, diligent, fun-loving high school students dedicated to the improvement of the Hugo High School student body experience, student leadership building and the outreach and aid of our community.


Member Dedication:

As part of HHS StuCo, members must exhibit dedication and responsibility and act as school leaders.  Council members direct the creation of multiple school-wide activities such as dances, anti-drug campaigns, and service project fundraisers.  HHS StuCo is for the most dedicated and virtuous of students.


The School Experience:

Every day at school, students are affected by negative influences.  This may include drug usage, bullying or racial profiling.  It is our job to help our fellow student body members by reducing stresses and increasing the positive influences.  We envision a school where students, teachers and administrators can work in an environment of cooperation and ease.


Community Outreach:

Along with enhancing student lives, StuCo also strives to reach out and help the community.  StuCo members are expected not only to be school leaders but also to be community leaders.  Hugo High School StuCo has partnered with many volunteer organizations in the past.  As such, members frequently volunteer in community events and experience the selfless feeling of volunteerism.


Major Events & Activities:

  • Fall & Spring Fundraisers
  • Spirit Week & Homecoming
  • Energy & Environment Awareness Projects
  • Drug, Alcohol, Safety and Health Awareness Projects
  • Pride and Patriotism Projects
  • Community Service

And Fun:

While being leaders, StuCo is about being yourself and having fun!