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Concurrent College Enrollment

Concurrent College Enrollment

Junior and senior students in good standing are encouraged to enroll in concurrent college courses for which they receive both high school and college credit. Part of the cost for senior students is paid by the Oklahoma Regents. In order to enroll in concurrent college courses, students must meet the enrollment requirements.

Students wanting to take classes must:

  1. Take the ACT and have high enough scores to be admitted to the college they choose.
    1. Check the college web page you want to attend to see if you meet the qualifications.
  2. Fill out the application and complete the admissions process with the college they choose to take classes with.
    1. The cost of application fees are the responsibility of each student. 
    2. Be sure you do this ahead of time so you hav enough time to get enrolled and buy books before school starts.
  3. Get the concurrent enrollment paperwork filled out by the high school office.
    1. Many schools require both the counselor and principal’s signature.  This paperwork is on each colleges web site or  you can talk to the counselor.
    2. The college will require an official copy of your high school transcript. ACT scores are listed on your transcript also.  You can get that at the high school office.
  4. Make sure the classes you want to take at college will count towards your graduation at high school or your college degree.
    1. Every college has degree plans online.
    2. If you don’t know if the class you are taking will transfer to the college you want to attend, contact the college.  There is someone there that can help you to be sure.
  5. Register for classes.
  6. Buy any books or supplies required to be successful in that class.
  7. Ask for help if you need it.

For detailed information, see the counselor.

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